Welcome to the homepage of the Invicta Kin!

We are a LOTRO kinship based on the Laurelin server.
We have members from several countries, but our main language is English.

What sets our kinship apart from most other kinships is the unique atmosphere! There is never a dull moment. Our main focus is having fun and enjoying what the game has to offer, in a friendly atmosphere. Whether it'd be instances or just a pint of ale at the Prancing Pony. We also like to help out with quests, gear and advice!

We are proud to have many experienced players in our kin, yet that does not stop us from searching for new members, both veterans and new players. We do not have any age restrictions but we require a certain level of maturity and common sense.

If you are interested in giving our kinship a try or just want a nice chat, feel free to contact our officers in game!

Play Lord of the Rings Online!

If you are interested in playing Lord of the Rings online, we have some methods to help you get started.
There are two main methods to start this.
Get LOTRO on the official Lord of the Rings Online website.
Get LOTRO on Steam!
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