Kinship lore

  1. Friendship before epic gear

    We are here first and foremost to have fun and make friends. This doesn't mean we won't gear ourselves up, but that we value the friendly atmosphere and helping others over mindless grinding. XP, weapons and armour don't make a player the best fit for our kin, being social and friendly and willing to learn your class does.
  2. Respect

    Please keep in mind that we have people from very different backgrounds and places.
    Friendly teasing or joking is all fine, but do keep it civilized. Bad behavior can result in immediate dismissal from the kinship.
  3. Multikinning

    Multikinning is allowed, but please tell us which kinship(s) your alts reside in so we can make sure the other kinship is okay with you joining us.
    We wouldn't want to unwittingly steal members from kinships that don't like multikinning. Of course we would like to have all your characters with us, but this is your choice.
    However, when it comes to potential or existing officers, having all characters with us is a must.
  4. Membership

    When you join our kin you will first be a trial member before receiving full membership by showing activity in the kin.
    Ultimately, the decision about your membership is made by our officers.
    If our officers or members feel you just don't fit in we will tell you and may ask you to leave.
    Also, if for some reason you think our kinship is not the right place for you please let us know before you move on and why you would wish to do so. We find leaving without a word rather rude, and people who leave in such a manner are not generally welcome back. However, if you have informed us before your departure, you can simply ask an officer for a reinvite if you wish to return.
  5. Inactivity

    If you are a recruit and have been away for 30 days without notice you will be dismissed from the kin. For a full member, the limit is 60 days. These time limits do not concern those who have informed us of the reasons and/or duration of their absence.
  6. Teamspeak

    We have our own private TeamSpeak (TS) server that we use to tackle more challenging content. We are aware that LOTRO has it's own communication system, but the quality on TS is much better. If you want to take part in such raids, using TS is a must. You do not have to speak yourself, but you will need to be able to listen to the raidleader. If you do not wish to use TS (for whatever reason) it is still possible for you to join us for other instances and thus be part of the kinship.
  7. No anonymity

    We are an open and honest kinship. We have nothing to hide: neither the good gear, cosmetics and traits nor the bad ones. If you wish to join us, you should make sure you can be inspected by players in the game.